KHammer To Obama: Launch Cyber War On China

This Via FoxNation:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: The line is crossed. We are in cyber war. But it’s one sided. This is really interesting. It’s a very damaging issue. It is intellectual property, damaging our economy and now as we learn in this report, damaging our national security with high tech weapons or compromise.

With anything as said, it’s the second kind of new kind of warfare we have had in our generation. Now, with terrorism, we started with a passive defense. After 9/11, we realized that you have to go on active defense. Here, with the cyber war, which is ongoing, we are entirely in passive mode. And in the end, it can’t succeed because the other guys will be ahead of you.

I think we really have to unleash the beast here and to counter attack. Now, here is the problem. With terrorism, you don’t allow individuals to go out and to counter attack free labs. We have organized army and units. I think what we ought to be thinking about is units who operate in the government, under the government certain agencies who will launch cyber attacks against the Chinese as they determine as a way Chinese don’t take any of this seriously.

We never raise it at high levels to any extent. Our passive defenses are a joke. You want to get the Chinese attention, cyber attack and do it the same way that we do the antiterrorism under a government agency and with control.

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