GARBAGE! RUSH: Hillary Clinton Is Saying It’s Almost Over For Women

RUSH: Hillary Clinton is saying it’s almost over for women unless drastic action is taken, in the midst of our entire culture becoming chickified.  Hillary Clinton is now saying that it’s almost over for women, that they’re so mistreated, they are such second-class citizens in our culture today, that they are used and abused and so poorly thought of that unless drastic action is taken at the government level, women, as we’ve come to know them, are going to be forever and unalterably discriminated against and changed. This is Hillary Clinton.

What an absolute mess these people make of things.  Every day, folks, it’s like diving through a Dumpster trying to get out, and they just keep throwing more garbage on us.  And we’re swimming up there and we’re almost out of the Dumpster, we’re almost out of the filth and the garbage and they come dump on us again, every day, folks.

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