“YES, That’s All It Took!”: Limbaugh Takes Credit For Trump Postponing Paris Climate Change Meeting

RUSH: The last thing I said on this program yesterday was an urging of President Trump not to have any meetings on the Paris climate accord, to not go there, to don’t do it. Headline today: “White House Postpones Meeting on Paris Climate Deal.” Yes. That’s all it took. Now to make it permanent.


RUSH: But Donald Trump during the campaign made it explicitly clear, and there was no misdirection and there was no “but,” there was no uncertainty at all.

Donald Trump was opposed to this entire premise of man-made climate change, global warming. He was opposed to all of the policies and solutions that resulted from this hoax. He was in no way, shape, manner, or form gonna fall for it. He suckered the New York Times into maybe thinking he was changing his mind, but he never was getting close. He went an editorial board meeting and he had Little Pinch, Arthur Sulzberger thinking Trump was on the verge of changing his mind, but he wasn’t.

And then that story hit yesterday that aides and officials in the administration were having a meeting to figure out and plot strategy, policy for dealing with the Paris accords. And I practically shouted at the end of this program, “No, Mr. President, do not do it. Don’t go there. Do not do this.” This was a steady, rock solid campaign promise. And you know why I’m opposed to global warming, this whole man-made climate change hoax. Because that issue contains practically every absurd anti-freedom idea the progressive left has.

In one issue, if they were to prevail with this at the top levels of government and be able enforce all this insane, ludicrous stuff that they believe about this, it would be second only to the power they would have over people via health insurance and health care. So when I saw that story, I got a little nervous, because I know that there are people in the Trump cabinet that are all for this climate change stuff.



RUSH: Mr. President, The Answer Is NO! Get Nowhere Near Climate Change, Please!

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