RUSH: We now know that Mueller has hired a bunch of Obama and Clinton donors to be his investigative staff. I mean, he’s hired some genuine sycophants. I’m sorry to be using that word, but it applies. He’s using some… He’s hired some genuine, true Obama and Clinton believers, and some of them — many of them — are lawyers. A lot of them are huge donors.

Many of them are radical extremists in terms of followers of Obama and Clinton. And we know, folks — I don’t care whether you go to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, whether you go to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, whether you go to supposedly where the greatest legal minds in America are in the American judiciary — all of these leftists have been reduced to rank, juvenile partisanship. They are all consumed here with this irrational hatred for Trump and everything he is and stands for.

For Mueller to go hire a bunch of these people? The idea that the independent counsel’s fair and open-minded and the scales of justice will be equally balanced? What a crock! These are prosecutors! What is the objective of a prosecutor? To send somebody to jail. That’s the objective. They’re not in there — they’re not in these jobs — to let people go. They’re not in these jobs to let people off. An independent counsel or any prosecutor is there to get convictions, and if they don’t think they can get convictions, then they try to get plea deals on guilty pleas.

But can you think of an independent counsel who has ever finished his investigation and announced he didn’t find anybody who did anything wrong? Nope! You can’t. Because there’s no way that could ever happen. There’s so much money spent on these things that to do an investigation (that takes years, certainly months) and then to call a press conference and say, “Hey, we couldn’t find anything anybody did wrong.” What were you doing? “Well, we investigated thoroughly, and nobody broke any laws.


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