TURN IT OFF!! Limbaugh FUMES: Fox News Is Nothing But Eight Pairs Of Legs And Short Skirts

RUSH: You know, I sorry. I’m gonna have to turn off these TVs. I’m just gonna have to turn off these TVs in here. There’s another woman up there that I can tell just had plastic surgery and it’s depressing and it’s distracting. I’m gonna turn ’em off. (interruption) I’m not gonna tell you that. Doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t matter who it is. You think I’m gonna say this and maybe be wrong about it. It could just be an excessive amount of makeup, but I don’t think so. It just is a distraction. The whole thing is just a distraction. I’m not even gonna tell you that. On the Fox show it’s nothing but eight pairs of legs that you see. Who can do a program when all you see is eight pairs of legs with the skirts halfway up the thigh? Here, where is it? What do they expect us to do here?


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