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MIND-BOGGLING! RUSH: ‘Liberal’ Claire Shipman Discovers That Men And Women Are Different

Published on April 16, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: I want to go back to this Claire Shipman sound bite with Megyn Kelly last night on the Fox News Channel.  Claire Shipman has a new book called “The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance — What Women Should Know.”  And Megyn Kelly said, “We,” speaking for the sisterhood, “We need [...]

MYSTERY SOLVED! RUSH: Pharrell Cries On Oprah

Published on April 16, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH ARCHIVE:  The question’s been raised on this program a number of times since I’ve been hosting it:  “Rush, why is Oprah so popular?  What is it about that show?”  If you’ve ever watched it, she cries all the time.  I mean, the biggest audience is women.  The fastest way to a woman’s heart [...]

RUSH: The Biggest Problem We Have With Voting Is Illegal Voting

Published on April 15, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: “If Democrats are to stave off tough challenges in November, it’ll need to be because of messaging, not just a secret turnout sauce.”  Which means that the message to single women is going to have to be, you just can’t say, “Hey, we’re Democrats, you’re single women, we’re made for each other.”  Isn’t [...]

Limbaugh On Democrat Hypocrisy On Family: ‘It’s Enough To Make You Gag’

Published on April 14, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH: Traditional marriage is something that we are supposed to think is old-fashioned and unachievable anymore.  And when you break up a marriage, when you have policies responsible for destroying the nuclear family, what are you doing?  You’re creating dependency on government.  And all the while, the Democrats are out telling women this is [...]

RUSH: One Way To Reduce Dry Cleaning Expenses For Women Is To Stay Away From Bill Clinton

Published on April 9, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet RUSH:  Do you know that at the White House yesterday the president actually said — in his never-ending quest to revive old, tired, worn-out, yet polarizing political issues — brouht up this equal pay business? Do you realize he even had the temerity to say that women’s dry cleaning bills are more expensive than [...]

RUSH: The Bloom Is Off The Obama Rose

Published on April 8, 2014 By Dyno Rush


RUSH: Democrats Are Never Held Accountable For Hypocrisy

Published on April 8, 2014 By Dyno Rush


HILARIOUS! Mark Levin Mocks Hillary Clinton Trying To Explain Her Greatest Accomplishment

Published on April 4, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet Find More Of ‘The Great One’ @ MarkLevinShow.com   Click Here For More ‘Fun Stuff’ On DailyRushbo

Kathleen Willey: ‘Hillary Is The War On Women’

Published on February 17, 2014 By Dyno Rush

Tweet This Via WND: Kathleen Willey, the former volunteer aide to Bill Clinton who says she was sexually harassed by the president in the 1990s, is now sounding the alarm about the potential danger of Hillary Clinton becoming president. “Hillary Clinton is the war on women, and that’s what needs to be exposed here,” Willey [...]

RUSH: The Feminazis Have Achieved Their Goal

Published on February 13, 2014 By Dyno Rush