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RUSH: Hillary Says Being Married To Bill Clinton Has Prepared Her For Trump

Published on April 29, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I want to play this sound bite again here.  It’s from an interview she did with Jake Tapper that has not aired yet.  Jake Tapper’s show is at four o’clock this afternoon, but they are releasing excerpts to hype the Jake Tapper show this afternoon, and this is one of the bites.  And this […]


Published on April 28, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: If Trump’s the nominee and if he does unload on Hillary Clinton as he’s promising to do, let me just tell you something:  You do not know how many gazillion Americans are going to be delirious and orgasmic with delight and support. There are gazillions of Americans who have had to suppress, have had […]

RUSH: GOP Establishment Is About Ready To Commit HARI-KIRI

Published on April 27, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Sean in Philadelphia, you’re next.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi. CALLER:  Hey, Rush. It’s great to talk to you.  I’ve been listening to you since ’89. RUSH:  I’m glad you made it through, Sean.  Thanks so much. CALLER:  Thanks.  I just wanted to make a point, at least my perspective on […]

RUSH: Trump Came Off As PRESIDENTIAL, And Also Came Off As ‘TRUMP’

Published on April 27, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: I watched Trump last night after the voting was all over and the tabulations were in, and he’d just announced that he’s the presumptive nominee now.  He went out and he said that Bernie Sanders was robbed and should run as an independent.  He said that he will take his people out of the […]

LIMBAUGH: The New Donald Trump

Published on April 21, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Donald Trump confounding his supporters today and confounding many in the Drive-By Media.  Donald Trump and his acceptance remarks after the New York primary referred to “Senator Cruz” a couple of times, did not refer to him as Lyin’ Ted.  And this prompted many in the Drive-By Media to applaud the Trumpster for now […]

This Is HARD TO WATCH: Mother of Benghazi Victim: Hillary ‘Ought To Be Wearing Stripes,’ ‘My Son Is Dead Because Of Her’

Published on April 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com This Via Ian Hanchett @ BREITBART: Patricia Smith, whose son, Sean, was killed in the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya said that Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “ought to be wearing stripes” and “My son is dead because of her” on Monday’s […]

Hot Sauce & Pole Dancing! RUSH: Honky Tonk Women Makes Me Think Of Hillary

Published on April 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: ‘Honky Tonk Women,’ “I met her in a bar-room in Memphis.” Now I can only think of Hillary Clinton, Honky Tonk Women, Crooked Hillary, pole dancing, Bernie Sanders supporters throwing dollar bills at her with hot sauce in the purse for the pole. What a picture. Read More @ RushLimbaugh.com Click Here For More […]

RUSH: GOP Establishment Is Prepared To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Published on April 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: The first caller’s question: If the guy gets close to 1,237 but still has the majority in delegates, and they take the nomination away from him, we’re gonna lose the voters, right?  What’s gonna happen?  Folks… (sigh) Patience. Patience, Rush.  The Republican establishment is prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton if it means holding […]

RUSH: Hillary Panders With ‘Hot Sauce’ Using A ‘Total Stereotype’ Of Blacks

Published on April 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: “Hillary Clinton told a black radio host –”  Why would it matter?  Why would that matter?  Well, here’s the rest of the sentence.  “– that she always carries hot sauce with her.” Now, how many of you knew that that was a big deal?  That Hillary’s trying to score points by bragging that she’s […]

RUSH: ‘CROOKED HILLARY’ Is Gonna Become A Moniker

Published on April 18, 2016 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: But this “Crooked Hillary” is simple. It may cause people to scratch their heads. “W-w-what’s that?” And they may look into it.  Or it may taint them in ways that you just can’t see. So we’ll find out.  It won’t be long.  Her negatives are already in trouble.  They’re already demonstrably high. Here’s how […]