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LIMBAUGH: The Vetting Process Of Immigrants And Refugees Is A SHAM!

Published on November 24, 2015 By Dyno Rush

Trump on Paris Attack: “Nobody Had Guns But the Bad Guys”

Published on November 15, 2015 By Dyno Rush

This Via Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Donald Trump addressed the Paris terrorist attack at a rally today by talking about the tough gun control laws there and speculating how things would have been different if more people were carrying weapons. Trump said that “nobody had guns but the bad guys,” and so the terrorists were […]


Published on October 30, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: So, Mr. Snerdley, has been peppering me with questions, actually the past two days.  “You don’t think they’re embarrassed?”  I said, “No, I don’t.”  But looky here from CNN’s money.com website. “‘Shell-shocked’ CNBC Staffers Had Long Flight Home — For the CNBC employees who boarded a charter plane right after Wednesday’s bruising GOP debate, […]


Published on October 30, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Can you name for me the last Drive-By Media person you can remember being embarrassed about anything?  Dan Rather embarrassed over forged documents, caught red-handed?  Nope.  They don’t think that way. It’s not how they get through the day.  They’re introspective like a lot of people are, but their introspection is rooted in telling […]

RUSH: CNBC GOP Debate Moderators ‘ASSASSINS’ – Questions Were The BULLETS, Cameras And Mics Were The GUNS

Published on October 29, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: Frank Luntz said that he has never had in his focus group of these people with their dials recording their responses as they hear things, he’s never, never had anybody get anywhere near the territory that Ted Cruz got in audience approval when he finally got fed up with the line and nature of […]

RUSH: Ben Carson Is EXACTLY RIGHT About Guns And The Holocaust

Published on October 12, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: The only two in double digits that remain are Trump and Ben Carson, who, by the way, is enmeshed in his own silly controversy.  You know what Ben Carson had the temerity to say?  He said if the Jews had had guns, that the holocaust might have turned out differently.  And people are reacting […]

RUSH: Problem With Gun Laws Is ‘We’re Refusing To PROFILE People’

Published on October 5, 2015 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: This is what the left uses to suggest that we’re not doing enough. They love to point out that all of these perps such as this kid Mercer, this young man Mercer that blew up the school in Oregon, “Yeah, he got his guns legally, Mr. Limbaugh, got his guns legally, so see, the […]

RUSH: Media Delivers ‘National Lecture On Domestic Violence’

Published on September 12, 2014 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: There just a couple more loose ends, humorous audio sound bites, actually, from the national lecture last night on domestic violence and all the men who are engaging in it. RELATED POST: RUSH: Don’t Preach To Me About Guns, Gays, And Domestic Violence During An NFL Game

RUSH: Don’t Preach To Me About Guns, Gays, And Domestic Violence During An NFL Game

Published on September 12, 2014 By Dyno Rush

RUSH: At any rate, now, CBS, folks, they may have scored big ratings, I don’t know, with this pregame focus on domestic abuse and violence.  But I’m tuning out of it.  This is not why I watch football.  I have no desire.  This is not why most people watch football, is to be preached to […]

MARK LEVIN: Guns Are Dangerous In The Hands Of Liberals

Published on April 25, 2014 By Dyno Rush