SLAM DUNK! Limbaugh Provides PROFOUND EVIDENCE That There Was NO HACK Of Election

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, may I provide for you the evidence that I believe is profound that acknowledges there was no hack of the election. And it’s just a simple reminder. In the waning days before the election, what was Hillary Clinton’s big closing argument? “How dare he suggest our election might be illegitimate.” Remember when Trump said that he would not, in that debate, on that night promise to accept the election results? And remember how they started having kittens?

Hillary Clinton closed her campaign pointing out how dare Trump suggest our election might be illegitimate. How dare he suggest our election has been hacked. He didn’t say that. I’m adding to this. So when Hillary expected to win, as all the polls were telling her she was going to win, she was out there screaming the election was totally legitimate. They weren’t talking about any hacking! They were talking about Trump not accepting the legitimate result. It’s only when she lost that this hacking meme came back to life. They didn’t even believe it during the campaign, folks.


RUSH: I think this is the slam-dunk on all of this. This demonstrates the degree and the volume of fake news that we have had to endure, and all of this leaking by unnamed intelligence sources and others that validates some sort of investigation that’s being undertaken, looking into Trump and the Russians and hacking the election?

We have been scammed once again. We have been scammed in a major, big way. And you know what has really thrown gum into the works is Trump tweeting back that Obama had tried to hack or wiretap Trump Tower. I am convinced that that move threw these people for a loop, because in all of their gaming of the situation and all of their strategizing, they never factored that possibility. They’ve been caught up short. So Trump basically agrees with them when he says, “Well, yeah! Don’t you think it’s bad that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower?”

And the immediate reaction is, “What are you talking about? Nobody wiretapped you! What — what are you talking about? There was no investigation of you.” Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh! Wait, what? No investigation? What the hell have we been putting up with for the last five months? Now, this is more than a scam. It’s more than a sham. This is far worse than just a simple scam. And I’m just telling you again: Real-world events are the best way to expose the literal fraud that all of this has been.


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