@RushLimbaugh Officially Activates Twitter Account

UPDATE 2: Mystery Solved. El Rushbo tweeted that both @RushLimbaugh and @Limbaugh are official Rush Limbaugh Twitter Accounts.

@Limbaugh Mystery Solved

UPDATE: Is @Limbaugh An Official Rush Limbaugh Account?

There is some confusion over the @Limbaugh Twitter Handle. On Rush Limbaugh’s Website there is no mention of the @Limbaugh name. Furthermore the @Limbaugh Twitter account is NOT Verified.

@Limbaugh Not Verified

Yet the last segment of the Rush Limbaugh Show does mention to use RushLimbaugh, no space, or just use the name Limbaugh. Here’s the clip.

Is @Limbaugh An Official Rush Limbaugh Account?

Politico seems to think @Limbaugh is an Official Rush Limbaugh Twitter Account.

Via Politico: #FF Rush? He starts tweeting @limbaugh


Screenshot of the @RushLimbaugh Verified Account

Click Image To Follow Rush Limbaugh On Twitter

Rush Limbaugh’s First Tweet Since Official Activation

Rush Limbaugh's First Officially Activated Tweet

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