HATE CRIME: Rush Says Zimmerman’s Civil Rights Violated Because Trayvon Martin Thought He Was Gay

RUSH:  I just want to warn you. I know you in this audience are the finest audience in all of media.  Your loyalty to this program and to me, and your devotion to it, sustain me. You get me through all kinds of stuff, and I’m just gonna tell you: It has popped up in other places now.  There’s PJ Tattler. PJ Media has a interpretation like mine, and so does a guy posting at Mediaite, and it’s starting to pop up in other places.

But my guess is that when the left finally hears about it tomorrow if not tonight, they’ll blow a gasket, ’cause this is not at all what they have manufactured. And, believe me, they have manufactured this whole racial theme, when it never was there. It was not even a component, when you get down to the bare essentials.  Well, I don’t know that they’d even considered it or if anybody had, until Rachel Jeantel spoke last night on CNN. 

She did allude to it at trial, under oath. 

She did allude to the homosexual aspect of this. 

But if I really wanted to stir it up, I would make the case that it was Zimmerman’s civil rights which were violated.  Here is Zimmerman, a properly accredited Neighborhood Watch captain or whatever his title was, patrolling his neighborhood, and the guy sees him and starts beating up on him ’cause he thinks he’s gay.  That sounds like a civil rights violation to me.  That sounds like it almost might be a hate crime, to me.

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