RUSH: Why Would Trump Fire Mueller With Half The Country Saying Mueller Investigation Is A ‘SACK OF GARBAGE’?

RUSH: The news is so good that the Drive-Bys had to create a new meme and narrative over the weekend to distract everybody from it, and that narrative is that Trump is going to fire Mueller before Christmas.

Jackie Speier, Democrat congresswoman, California, wherever she’s from, actually said that she has heard from high sources that Trump is gonna fire Mueller by Friday. That’s all it took, the Drive-By Media picked up with it and ran with it and it became the narrative for the weekend, and it remained the narrative of the morning as the news continued to break. That was the bombshell intended to distract you from the real news. All the ginned up hysteria about Trump gonna fire Mueller before Christmas.

The media and the Democrats are trying to portray this as a coup. They’re trying to portray this as Trump acknowledging his guilt and is taking a preemptive strike against the special counsel to derail the investigation, plus he’s gonna pardon Flynn. And this was out there for a day and a half or two days, and it survived into the morning. And then Trump finally came out, “I’m not firing Mueller.” By the way, with half the country thinking Mueller’s investigation’s a sack of garbage, why would he fire Mueller?

There isn’t any evidence that Mueller has anything on Trump anyway. Mueller’s so off the rails, she’s having to go back and look at emails that he supposedly acquired legitimately from the Trump transition team. What does any of this have to do with collusion between Trump and the Russians, which was the predicate for starting all of this.


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