RUSH: Why Doesn’t The President Of Honduras Do Something To Fix His Country’s Problems?

RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, there’s another reason why the Obama administration is gonna go to Honduras, the so-called pilot program, and declare the children down there refugees.  You know, it’s a little technicality that probably wouldn’t hold up.  I mean, talking about what is the law in the United States anymore is — what’s the big deal?  I mean, when the president can, on a whim, ignore it, but nevertheless, technically speaking you cannot apply for refugee status if you’re already in the US, which explains why Obama is sending US agents down to Honduras.  It’s a technicality, he could wave it.  That’s not really why they’re going down there. They’re going down there to speed the arrival.  They’re going down there to fly them up here so we don’t have to wait for them to get through Mexico.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of this president from Honduras, who is sitting around letting all of this happen.  Now, this president of Honduras in the past has said that he wants Obama to deem all illegals from Honduras as refugees.  But ask yourself this.  Why doesn’t the president of Honduras do something to fix his country’s problems?  Where’s the pride?  Where’s the pride in building the country, building maybe a tourism industry that people go down, where is this?  Why is it?  I’ll tell you why.

The United States is seen as a giant bank that gives money away.  As long as Obama’s running, this country is seen as a bank, and you’ve got a bunch of leftists that are in power in all of these Central American and South American countries who are predisposed to resenting and despising the United States precisely because of our wealth and how we did it, capitalism.  And so they look at this place as a place to be fleeced.  And like all criminals, they think it’s easier to steal than work hard and achieve. 

So the president of Honduras is taking the path of least resistance.  “Hey, you know what?  I’ll pressure Obama. I’ll pressure the United States. I’ll have him pay for my economic problems down there. I’ll get rid of some of my people, fewer mouths to feed, can boom my economy that way. So what if they’re young kids.  I don’t care.  And at the same time, exact a little revenge against the United States.”  But the only thing that makes this possible is that we’ve got an administration sympathetic to all of it. 

In the past it didn’t matter.  Central American dictator hated us, South American dictator hated us, that was their problem.  They had to conform.  They had to reform in order to gain our support and good favor.  It’s upside down.  They can remain who they are and we will change in order to become more like them, which is exactly what is happening. 

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