RUSH: Why Does GOP Focus On Ted Cruz And Not ‘Incompetent’ Obama?

RUSH: You know, with all due respect for those of you inside the Beltway, those of us out here don’t understand why you look at Ted Cruz as your number one enemy and not Obama — and why you look at Mike Lee and Cruz and maybe even Sarah Palin or talk radio or RedState or whoever. Why are we the enemy? We’re not doing anything. Barack Obama has got the wrecking ball. Why can’t you people focus on Obama?

That’s the question we ask, like my friend at dinner said last night, “If for no other reason the guy’s incompetent.”  Can you not even say that?  Can you not say he’s incompetent because of his pedigree?  “Well, he came from Harvard! He was Law Review. So you can’t be incompetent.” Is that it? So the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing on foreign policy and is an abject embarrassment — the fact he has no clue about websites, building they will, maintaining them or operating health care? 

What else does this guy want to run that he’s totally unqualified for?  Are you not even prepared to go that route because, “Well, he’s the first black president. We can’t go after him. I mean, charges of racism would flow! Call the first black president incompetent?  No way!  We’re not gonna do that.  Besides, the guy went to Harvard.  He’s one of us.  He’s got the same pedigree and education we’ve got.  We’re not incompetent, so how can he be?”  But he is.

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