RUSH: Why Didn’t The NBA Do Something About Sterling Long Ago?

RUSH:  No, I… I’m trying to… (sigh) Look, I don’t want to mention any names of people who have told me about Sterling.  I mean, folks, this last trip to LA, I went out and played golf with Doc Rivers, who’s the coach of the Clippers.  I’d never met him.  He’s a former coach of the Celtics and so forth, and the subject came up then.  It’s every day. 

The real question here is: Why hasn’t the NBA done anything about this before now?  You know that Donald Sterling is the longest tenured owner in the NBA.  He has owned this team since 1981.  Yeah, and I’m just telling you: None of this is a surprise to anybody, if you get ’em to be honest with you.  It’s just that now his voice is on tape and they can’t sweep it under the rug. 

They have been able to sweep this guy on the rug because the Clippers sucked, because the Clippers were constantly losers. But now the owner of the Lakers passed away and they’re in trouble, and the Clippers happen to be the best team in LA right now. So there’s a lot more attention on them than there usually is. 

I mean, they were a cast-off type team.  The Lakers owned LA in many ways, not just in basketball, and so the Clippers were an also-ran out there in Disneyland.  Well, they play in the same place, but now they can’t sweep it under the rug because there’s actual tape of the guy.  It’s not just people talking about it.  It’s his voice.  But the real question is: Why didn’t they do anything about this long ago?

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