RUSH: Why, All Of A Sudden Is It Okay To Be Judgmental On Miley Cyrus?

RUSH: I thought it was judgmental.  I thought we didn’t have the right to judge somebody else’s morality, and I thought we didn’t have a right to comment.  I thought this was art, that it was performance art.  I thought we were supposed to see the beauty and the innovation and the creativity, just like we’re supposed to see it when Karen Finley slathered chocolate all over her nude body on stage at prominent arenas and so forth, with an NEA grant or Andres Serrano and his famous work of art, “Piss…”

I can’t even say it.  It was a crucifix in a jar of urine.  Why does this upset these “progressive” women?  These are the women who send as many other women to Planned Parenthood as they can lasso and round up.  These are the same women who have no problem with pro-choice actually meaning what it means.  They have no problem with 1.7 million deaths — uh, sorry — abortions a year, but this has their backs up? 

What, because their daughters used to watch Hannah Montana, and that’s why they’re upset? So ’cause their daughters were watching Hannah Montana go pro and get paid for it, that’s what they find offensive?  So if that had been, say, Beyonce who had done that, would they not be upset?  Beyonce was never Hannah Montana.  Let’s say it was Beyonce and Jay-Z up there doing that instead of Alan Thicke (sic) and Miley Cyrus, would they still be upset? 

It is an interesting question.  As far as I’m concerned, though, why all of a sudden is it okay for these women to be judgmental?  I thought we weren’t supposed to do that. Fired?  Somebody is supposed to lose their job at MTV?  Why? Who do these people think they are, Tipper Gore?  What, they think they are running the Parental Advisory Council for Hollywood content?  Who do they think they are? (interruption)  Robin Thicke.  Robin Thicke, Alan Thicke. They’re clones, right?

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