RUSH: Where Are The ‘Funeral Crashers’ Clintons at the Mike Brown Funeral?

RUSH: I’ve been watching the gentle giant funeral, excerpts of it.  It’s not wall-to-wall coverage, but if you look at CNN and Fox, I’ve seen enough of it to know that the funeral crashers haven’t shown up.  The Clintons are nowhere near.  I haven’t seen ’em. 

Now, normally, something like this, they go in there and they maneuver themselves into the front row and into the eulogy slot of the speaker slot. But they’re not here. I mean, they were at Maya Angelou, they were everywhere, but not at this one.  Why do you think that is, ladies and gentlemen?  If we acknowledge that Mrs. Clinton is running for the Democrat nomination in 2016, why is she not there?  Furthermore, outside of Missouri politicians, I haven’t seen any others. 

Not just the Clintons, but I haven’t seen Dingy Harry, for example, or Pelosi, or Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz.  Now, they may be there, but they’re not prominent, if they are. And you know if the Clintons were there, they’d have been all over the place by now.  So why not?  Why are the Clintons not there?  Oh, there’s an answer.  It’s a simple answer.  But since I’m kind of in a teasing mode today, I’ll leave that hanging while you ponder it. 

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