RUSH: What If Somebody Actually Did Begin Impeachment Proceedings?

RUSH: There have been people — and there have been a lot of them, and they have been loud — who have been dead right on from the get-go about this.  To lament that nobody said anything? So now when Obama does it, it just seems like no big deal.  There are a lot of us who are hoarse, a lot of you who are hoarse! I mean how does it get to the point that it is so endemic that nobody even notices or complains? It gets to that point because when the first people noticing and complaining about it speak up, they’re impugned!

They’re criticized, they’re marginalized, they’re told to shut up — and then it keeps on going and they keep speaking up, and they are continually told shut up. (interruption) We can’t do anything about it.  That’s my whole point.  There hasn’t been any push-back ever from the Republican Party on this, and there isn’t any now. It isn’t gonna happen. (interruption) They’re not even asked the question.  It’s just a little thought process exercise.  (interruption) What if somebody actually did begin impeachment proceedings?

Do you think that would slow Obama down in this extra-constitutional behavior, or not?  Probably not.  (interruption) Yeah.  Maybe if the polls showed it.  True.  But it isn’t gonna happen anyway.  But the idea that nobody’s spoken up and nobody said anything about this until now, and it’s too late once everybody finally starts noticing? Bob Beckel on Fox today was asked to comment on what Dr. Krauthammer said, and he was not happy.

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