RUSH: What Better Way To Advance The War On Women Than To Take Down Roger Goodell

RUSH:  Exactly.  So Goodell, who has twin daughters, who’s married to Jane Skinner, the former anchorette on Fox News; Roger Goodell, who has established pink month in the NFL in October; Roger Goodell, who’s bent over backwards, but, you know what?  Let me tell you something.  This is something I’ll bet — I’ll bet — I’ll just bet. During the Masters there was a picture on the AP wire.  It was of Roger Goodell in a green jacket.  He’s a member.  Now, members of Augusta National, they can tell people they’re members, but they don’t broadcast this.  It was learned that Roger Goodell was. 

Now, you know what the feminazis think of Augusta. Even though they’ve started letting in women, like Condi Rice is a member there now, and Lynn Swann got in.  But it’s a closed place.  When they found out that Goodell’s a member there, I’m sure some people filed that away, ’cause that’s a definite politically correct no-no.  And there he was pictured, minor fact, it’s just something that adds up. One of these little incidents that gets thrown on the pile. 

But Goodell, I mean, Roger Goodell has bent over backwards to make this league responsive to critics and so forth, and yet you have so nailed it.  It’s the War on Women.  Feminism has become the controlling agent of liberalism.  And so what better way to advance the War on Women than to take down the commissioner of the National Football League, or to sully his reputation and make him the face of this bastion of macho, brute, predatory, mean men, because the War on Women requires it.  Very, very perceptive, Joy.  So glad you called.

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