RUSH: We Have Sex Scandals In Politics Because We’ve Turned Elected Officials Into Celebrities

RUSH: You know, one of the reasons why we have all these sex scandals in politics right now — in my opinion — and it’s not the full answer, but it is a contributing factor. The reason we have so many of these sex scandals in politics is not just because we have scandals. I mean, they’re real. Don’t misunderstand. But we have turned people in elected office into celebrities.

Bill Clinton was a celebrity before he was a decent ideological liberal centrist, whatever they want to call him. Trump is a celebrity. But Trump is an outlier. Trump’s celebrity occurred long before Trump got into politics. The people I’m talking about, the celebrity happens to them after they get into politics. It’s the politics that makes them celebrities because of the way they’re covered. You know, the old saw about politics being showbiz for the ugly, it’s pretty true. Take a look. On balance it’s pretty true. But it’s still showbiz because that’s how the media covers it now.

They are celebrity power brokers. And women, as the survey just said here, are attracted to money and power. Try to imagine all of these sex scandals with unassuming people like Calvin Coolidge. Try to imagine a sex scandal with Richard Nixon. You can’t, can you? Well, you can’t, because Nixon was not a celebrity. They didn’t turn him into a celebrity. Nixon was nothing more than a devil. Nixon was not allowed to become a celebrity.

Celebrity pop culture is one of the reasons why politics is the way it is. It’s not even reported on with any sense of seriousness or allegiance to the maintaining of the republic, to our country. That’s not even a factor in any of the reporting. The explosion of the media, especially their worship of people in power — and that’s really true when it is their people in power. Look at how they worshiped Obama. They still do.

Look how they worship the Clinton. And that has not stopped, by the way. They’ve not stopped worshiping Clinton. They still to this day marvel at how Clinton was able to get away with it, with their help. They marvel, they’re proud of how they helped Clinton lie all the time to get out of tight squeezes and loose squeezes. Clintons knew ’em all. They still worship Hillary! Blindly, weird and crazy as it is. They worship her.

That’s exactly what is happening, and it’s made things even worse. Worshiping politicians. Can you imagine anything more contradictory? But that’s what the left does. And not just the media, but I’m talking about these dunderhead, brain-dead voters like Lena Dunham and some of these other people that end up being celebrity endorsers, they’re literally brain-dead. They have IQs of less than a pencil eraser. They worship these people. They don’t care what they really think or believe. They don’t get that far with ’em. They just worship them as celebrities, as they’ve been created his the media.

So it really has become showbiz for ugly people, and ugly people know who they are. It can lead to severe self-esteem problems.


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