RUSH: We Have Not Gotten This Post-Racial America We Were Promised

RUSH: You know the drill. No more hatred. People were gonna come together in a new commonality.  He rode it all the way to victory, and it turned out that this president’s no different than any other in this regard, and may be somewhat worse.  Here is another sound bite.  It’s from CNN last night, Don Lemon on CNN Tonight (a different show, not Anderson Cooper 290). 

He’s speaking with a CNN correspondent, Jason Carroll, about the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and Lemon says, “Take us inside, if you will, Jason. Take us right there. Take us, if you will, to the crime scene.  I understand that you went there today to the crime scene.  What did you learn, Jason?”

CARROLL:  I was speaking to a young man. He said, “I go to school, I obey the law, and yet when I come in and out of my community I’m constantly stopped by the police,” and this is a theme that I heard over and over again.  And basically what everyone was telling me is that what happened to Michael Brown was really the tipping point for many members of this community, when this happened to him. That is why you heard so much anger which had been bubbling for quite some period of time.  What I really got a sense of is this feeling of distrust between the police department and the community here.

RUSH:  Well, I mean, we heard that during the OJ trial.  We heard that during the Rodney King trial and event.  We heard that back in 1967 with Watts.  We’ve heard sound bites like this, complaints like this all of our lives.  You take that sound bite from last night and you could put it back in 1967. It would sound right on the dime. 

You take that sound bite, put it back in 1992/93 with Rodney King, same thing; you wouldn’t know.  Nothing has changed.  We have not gotten this postracial America we were promised after the election in 2008, and we’re not finished hearing this report.  This report’s gonna happen over and over again, because the sad thing is that I think these situations have actually been exacerbated and made even more tense. 

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