RUSH: ‘We Do Not Want Congress And The President Working Together On Our Behalf’

RUSH:  Now, let me first translate this.  “In the upcoming months, let’s see where else we can make progress together.”  This is after a series of lies about the great economic recovery and the burgeoning job market and the overwhelmingly uptick in America’s economic activity all over the world.  “Let’s make this a year of action,” and that’s when I aid, “No, no, no.  No, no.  You’ve done enough.” Obama: “That’s what most Americans want, for us all in this chamber to focus on their lives, their hopes, and their aspirations.” 

Well, only if you’re going to actually pay attention after you focus. 

But we don’t want you doing things for us.

We don’t want you assuming we can’t do it.  We don’t want you anymore tinkering, tampering, overturning whatever it is that we do.  In a sense we want to be left alone.  We’ve had five years of this oppressive intervention at every walk, every moment of our lives.  Just dial it back! You don’t know our aspirations — and when we tell you, you don’t listen!  We don’t want you to do anything on climate change except open the Keystone pipeline.  We don’t want you to force us to buy cars we don’t want.


He thinks the game’s rigged and that only a select few get ahead and stay ahead and their kids.  Those people then guard it, make sure nobody else can get in the gate.  That’s fundamental.  That’s Community Organizer 101.  That’s why Saul Alinsky was Saul Alinsky, is that belief.  That the game’s rigged. The successful are winners of life’s lottery.  They haven’t worked hard for it!  We do not want Congress and the president working together on our behalf.  We see what happens.  Obamacare, you name it. 

It’s one disaster after another.

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