RUSH WAS RIGHT! Three Things Limbaugh Predicted About SB Perpetrators

RUSH:  Damn right. I tell you, I predicted it yesterday.  I predicted three things on this program.  I predicted the media would start to humanize the perpetrators, humanize them and make victims out of them.  I predicted yesterday that… Cookie, I want you to go find these. I want you to go find these in the transcripts and actually roll the audio off so I can document the predictions I made yesterday.  Just now… Remember this.  I predicted that a possible excuse for Syed Farook “Climate Change” would be that was radicalized by his wife.

I predicted that somebody would come and blame the woman for it.  And I also predicted that some people would claim that Syed Farook was forced into this because he was so outraged over something that happened at work.  And then people said, “What could that be?” Well, he had to attend a Christmas party!  And you watch.  I said, “The media can easily take that…” I mean, the media and the Democrat Party has led the effort to get Christmas canceled, to get Christmas public eliminated.  Any public display of prayer?

No prayer in public. No prayer before high school ceremonies or football games, basketball games, what have you? Moments of silence are now under attack by Nancy Pelosi.  Wait ’til you hear this.  “Nancy Pelosi: “No Right to Moments of Silence in the House Until Republicans Take Action on Guns.” No more is there a right to a moment of silence.  So there has been an attack on prayer.  Now there’s an attack on moments of silence.

You remember the attacks on prayer yesterday in the New York Daily News and throughout the media?  You remember all the attacks on nativity scenes and anything to do with public displays at Christmas? So it was easy to predict yesterday that at this holiday party — Christmas party — that Islamic individual, a Muslim, could really feel marginalized and put upon.  I mean, here’s a majority of coworkers, and they’re celebrating something he doesn’t believe in: Christianity!

They have a Christmas tree and all. That’d be enough to send him over the edge, and the media would say, “It’s understandable how public displays of Christmas could be seen as offensive and make him feel unsafe and threatened and then force him to go home and grab one of those 12 pipe bombs and AK-47s and come back with the wife what radicalized him and start shooting up the places.”

But I predicted that we would be told that Syed Farook was forced into jihad by the anti-Muslim comments from conservatives and from the public display of Christianity and Christmas.  And now we find out that the coworker with whom was arguing was a messianic Jew, and we are told this person did try to persuade poor old Syed that Islam was a mistake.  I’m telling you, they’re going to every length they can, folks, to not call this what you and I know that it is: Terrorism.

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