RUSH WAS RIGHT: Millennial Women Reporters Have No Tolerance For Democrat Perverts

RUSH: I think my prediction, to a certain extent, has come true. The Millennial women reporters reporting on this have no tolerance, they’re not willing to look the other way when it comes to these Democrat pervs. I don’t deny there’s a preference for these guys politically. I’m not saying that these women are conservative or supportive of Republicans. They have been literally marinated in women’s studies. They have grown up being taught that life as a woman is to be abused, harassed, and at worst raped. And so when there are examples of it, they’re not gonna give these perps a pass.

And I think it’s confusing the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party’s always been able to rely on the media, you know? The Democrat Party, that’s always been the fallback. The Democrat Party’s escape hatch. The Democrat Party’s pink slip. The Democrat Party’s permission slip. The Democrat Party note from the doctor, note by the parents has always been the Drive-By Media. The Drive-By Media has covered for all of them.

And elements of the Drive-By Media are trying to cover for them now, trying to cover for Franken, trying to cover for Conyers. They didn’t have enough time to try to cover for Matt Lauer. But don’t be surprised at some of the things you might hear in the future about how, “You know what? We might have overreacted in the early days of Matt Lauer and maybe some of these things we need to reconsider,” ’cause they’re gonna have try to rehab these people.

I don’t mean Millennial female reporters. I’m talking about the Democrat Party and the American left at large is gonna have to find a way to rehab these guys, because if they don’t, the taint is permanent. They may not succeed at rehabbing them, but they can’t allow this taint to go unbattled. Why are you frowning? Snerdley said, “How do you think Millennial women are gonna react to the rehab?” Depends on how they play the rehab.

If the perp comes out of rehab or whatever and is just falling all over himself in tears and “sorry” and so forth, you never know how it’ll play. Look, as human beings we want to forgive anyway. We are a people that are very much into second chances. I’m just saying beyond all that, I think our basic human nature, beyond all that, the politics of this, they’ve got to try to rehab and save these guys.

I don’t know how far they’ll go to try to save Al Franken, for example. That day of reckoning is yet to happen, but it’s gonna happen. Franken’s gone, just nobody involved knows it yet. Another prediction made by me here on the 30th of November at 1:22 Eastern time in the afternoon.


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