RUSH: WaPo Wants To ‘BROOM’ This Whole GOP Baseball Shooting Story

RUSH: Let me tell you, as of ten o’clock last night, ten o’clock last night the top five most-read articles at the Washington Post. Now, this is according to the Washington Post as well.

The Washington Post could publish a fake list, supposedly determined by computer hits, Washington Post readers clicking on stories. They’ve got a program that tabulates which stories are clicked on the most. They are considered to be, thus, read. So they have their top five most read articles. It’s actually top five most clicked on, but who’s splitting hairs? I want to read to you the top five as of ten o’clock last night.

Number one. “Special Counsel Investigating Trump for Possible Obstruction of Justice, Officials Say.”

Number two. “An Inferno Seemingly From Another Time or Place Kills 12 in London.” Do you believe that was the second most-read story as of ten o’clock last night in the Washington Post?

Number three. “ISIS Drones Are Attacking U.S. Troops and Disrupting Airstrikes in Raqqa, Officials Say.”

Number four. “University of Virginia Student Otto Warmbier, Said to Be in a Coma, Released From North Korea.” By the way, I haven’t heard his name pronounced. Has anybody heard how they’re pronouncing his name? Not a single person on my staff has heard this name? Well, we’ll get to it. W-a-r-m-b-i-e-r, could be Warmbier, Warmbier, could be Warmbier. I’ve never heard it pronounced. I have an excuse. I never have the volume up. I just look at closed-caption.

Number five. “The NSA Has Linked the WannaCry Computer Worm to North Korea.”

The top five stories, as of ten o’clock last night in the Washington Post. Not a single story about the shooting of Steve Scalise and the other members of the congressional team practicing baseball in Alexandria, Virginia. Do you believe that? Well, I didn’t look at the Washington Post last night so I don’t know how many stories there were in the Washington Post about the shooting.

What I do know is that the Washington Post and the New York Times and CNN and everybody else want to move on. They want to sweep this shooting story under the rug as quickly as they can until they can figure out a way to blame it on Scalise, which they’re trying to do.


RUSH: How many of you would just believe that the Washington Post, their website yesterday, all day yesterday, if they had stories on the shooting, that that story would not be widely read by Washington Post readers?

Well, that’s what they want us to believe. They want us to believe they had more people interested in the London tower inferno, which is a days old story. More people interested in ISIS drones attacking U.S. troops and disrupting air strikes in Raqqa, and that the NSA has linked the WannaCry ransomware computer worm to North Korea. All of those were far more interesting to Washington Post readers.

See, I don’t buy it. I think it’s the Washington Post number one most read story, the special counsel investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice. I think the Post wants to broom this whole shooting story, and the reason for publishing their special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction is the way they’re doing it.


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