RUSH: Twitter Hashtag Has Replaced The Concert

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  You want to do a double whammy.  First you want a concert for the kidnapped girls in Nigeria, and now you want stuffed envelopes for the released illegal immigrants.  (laughing)  Give them an Obama phone, too, one that works internationally so they can go back and forth across the border and still be able to talk to their loved ones, paid for by the US taxpayers. 

Actually, his thinking is not off if this goes on.  Normally leftists come up with these concerts when there are lots of people involved and the pressures to solve the problem have not worked. So you gotta have hundreds of thousands starving in Ethiopia before you qualify for a concert. Three hundred kidnapped Nigerian girls sold into slavery while being converted to Islam?

Remember: If you’re gonna go the concert route, you gotta have a theme for it, and somebody’s got a to be to blame, and do you really…? They’re not gonna do a concert blaming Al-Qaeda; they’re not gonna do a concert that blames militant jihadists.  They’d have to do a concert that blames the government of Nigeria with this, which is the official government position.  But the hashtag, don’t you see?

The Twitter hashtag has replaced the concert.  The Twitter hashtag, how many millions of people does that reach as opposed to a concert? You don’t have to go out and get TV time. You don’t have to arrange for the artists to show up at the concert. You don’t have to produce it. You don’t have to check egos at the door. Just do the hashtag.

The hashtag has replaced the concert.

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