RUSH: Trump’s Voters Were Protecting Him In Alabama Senate Race

RUSH: Trump did not suffer a congressional loss last night. The media doesn’t get this. Do you understand what happened here, Snerdley? The media, they’re so eager to report that Trump’s losing the support of his voters that they are totally missing what this Alabama thing is all about. In essence, Trump’s voters were protecting him. And I’m fully prepared to explain this.


RUSH: But what the Drive-Bys are missing here is the voters of Alabama knew exactly what was at stake here, and the voters of Alabama essentially sent an insider packing, and with this insider a bunch of others may go. Corker has announced he’s leaving. And before today, before last night, a number of other insider, establishment senators were alluding to the fact that if the result came out as it did, that they would be leaving. And we talked about this on the program.

Isn’t it amazing that rather than adapt and accommodate the mood of voters in their own party, they actually talk about retiring, thinking the place is no longer a good place for them, the Senate. Their attitude is, “Man, if the voters have gotten this far out, if the voters are this way, I got no prayer, I’m outta here.” Rather than easily adapt. It wouldn’t be that hard to adapt. You repeal Obamacare, you cut taxes, and you build a wall and you stop immigration. It’s not that hard. But they can’t for some reason seem to do it. This tax cut plan is another thing that is a disaster. It is an absolute disaster in more ways than it is not. We’ll get into that here in just a moment.

Judge Moore. The media think they have something to crow over here. A candidate that Trump supported has been defeated in a primary. I also never endorse in primaries, by the way. But, anyway, a candidate has been defeated in a primary. Never mind the candidate who beat Trump’s pick is more of a Trumpster than Trump’s pick was, and that’s always been the case. The voters were consistent here! They’re all saying that Trump has no coattails. They’re all saying that Trump’s influence is over. No, no, no, no, no.

What it means is, folks, that Trumpism is bigger than Trump. It is kind of maybe a pink flag for Trump, but I don’t think it’s that big a deal. It may be a bit of a warning. But it’s very clear what happened here. The voters of Alabama and the voters of this country, the people that take the time to vote are well aware. They have studied, and they’re fed up. And it’s not changing. And they’re very dissatisfied that even after a smashing victory like was had last November, the results are not yet seen nearly to the degree people hope and expect. And so a Trumpist was added to the arsenal in the United States Senate.


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