RUSH: Trump Voters Feel SHOCKED and BETRAYED After Syria Missile Strike

RUSH: I know that there are many Trump… Well, I don’t know it’s many. But I know there’s some Trump voters that feel very betrayed. Let me ask you: You’re a big Trump supporter. You feel betrayed by this? (interruption) You do not. You were a big Trump supporter. Do you feel betrayed by this? (interruption)

There are some who now want Trump impeached. There are some Trump supporters who believe he’s totally betrayed them. He led them to believe that the days of the United States involving itself in other nation’s wars were over. We weren’t gonna do it. We weren’t gonna waste the money. We weren’t gonna be distracted. Now Trump’s done it and they’re feeling totally betrayed, and I have a sample piece written by a Trump supporter feeling betrayed to share with you. We’re gonna cover all angles of this.


RUSH: I was actually enjoying this last night, and I was getting emails from all quarters. I was getting emails from people who are angry, feel betrayed, think Trump should be impeached. I got emails from people who think it’s the greatest thing. “This establishes him, finally, as the real president. We’re back!”

I can’t tell you the number of emails I got from people who were proud that America is behaving with strength again and resolve. You know something? Folks, I’m gonna tell you something. Those of you… I may insult you here. I don’t mean to be insulting you, because it’s really not aimed at you. But I think there were a lot of people on our side — I mean, conservative/Republican people — that voted for Trump, and I think they were shocked that Trump took this action, for a whole host of reasons. But you know one of the reasons I believe? Things happen subtly.

The conditioning of the human mind and the human attitude is a very, very gradual thing. And for the last eight years we had Barack Hussein Obama in the White House disengaging the United States from places in the world where we have vital national interests. Instead, he was making deals with nations who have traditionally been our enemies, such as Iran. Selling out Israel to side up with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and so forth. People, I think, whether they knew it or not — wanted to admit it or not — we were all becoming a bit pacifist.

Obama clearly is a pacifist.

The left is a bunch of pacifists.

The left believes that the United States is not the solution to the problems in the world. They believe the United States is the problem and therefore our military represents the problem. And Obama, despite having troops deployed all over the world, we weren’t fighting wars to win them. We weren’t fighting wars to end them. We were not projecting our power. We were allowing our power to be diminished, and it just happened gradually. It’s like you put a frog in a pot of water on a stove, in cold water, and then you gradually warm the water.

The frog doesn’t know what’s going on until that moment when, “Hey, you know what? I’m being boiled here!” And I think that describes a lot of the United States population. We have just been lulled into a mentality of pacifism. Not that we wanted to be, but because that’s where Obama was taking the country. And in the last eight years the idea of the United States doing anything like this was not on anybody’s mind. We either subconsciously or consciously acknowledged that it was a new day, a different day with Barack Hussein Obama. We got a lot of huff and puff. We got a lot of imaginary red lines drawn. But we got nothing.

We didn’t back up our red lines. We didn’t back up our huff and puff. So out of the blue… Even though Trump telegraphed this in the days leading up to it, and even though the secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, telegraphed it even more in the days leading up to it… Especially yesterday afternoon after the ChiCom leader had landed and Tillerson greeted him the bottom of the steps when the ChiCom leader came off the plane. Tillerson went into the airport and had a press conference. And it was that press conference late yesterday afternoon where another indication that something was up and something was gonna happen was given, including alluding to possible regime change in Syria.

Then the attack happens last night and everybody’s stunned and blown away.

They can’t believe it!

It’s like we were the frogs in the water and finally after eight years it got too hot. I haven’t refined this belief totally. But my point is that after eight years of Obama and the way he viewed the country and the direction he was taking the country, we had all become unaware, not-on-purpose, pacifists. We couldn’t even see our country behaving this way. Some people did and were bothered by it. But for the most part, our mass population didn’t. And that’s why last night’s event was such a shock, I believe, to so many people.


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