RUSH: Trump Should Put Alicia Machado ‘At The Weight Loss Division At Health And Human Services’

RUSH: What everybody thinks now is that Romney’s begging, Romney’s groveling… (interruption) Well, I wouldn’t go so far as dropping to his knees.

But begging. You know, on his knees, begging.  The point is that Romney went out and he dissed Trump like nobody did all during the primary campaign.  Now he really, really — or maybe he doesn’t. I think he does want it, but they’re portraying Romney desperately, oh, will do anything for this.  And Trump’s just toying.  All kinds of messages being sent here.  I’m just thinking, if you’re gonna go and recruit people for your Regime who have dissed you, why not go out and get Alicia Machado?

You know, steal her from the Hillary camp, put her over at the weight loss division at Health and Human Services or something.  There’s gotta be a place for Alicia Machado in this.


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