RUSH: Trump-Russia Collusion Story Has Become A ‘LIFESTYLE’ For Modern Journalists

RUSH: Jonathan Chait, writing for wherever he writes, had a big story: Finally we have the payoff. Finally we have now the evidence we’ve been looking for. And it was this 81-year-old guy who had nothing, there was nothing to his story. They backtracked it, they found there was nothing to it. They did it for a couple days and it was abandoned, it was dropped, because there was nothing to it. Just like everything that’s come before this.

You ask, how long can this go on? It can go on as long as they want it to. I think now that this has become a way of life. I think getting up, if you’re a modern-day American journalist working in Washington or New York — well, hell, in the Washington establishment. LA Times reporters there would suffice as well. I think this become a lifestyle now.

This is not just a story that people are pursuing; this is a lifestyle. This has become a mechanism whereby these people state their identities. They are now defining themselves on the basis of the pursuit of this story. They can’t stop it. They cannot help themselves. They will never get to the point, even if there is ever incontrovertible evidence that it didn’t happen, they are not going to be able to accept it; they are too invested.

And it’s not professional investment; this has gone now into the psychological. It has gone to the personal. And it is an erosion of principles; it is an erosion of objective; it is journalism consuming itself. It’s journalism eating itself. And you know what happens after you eat enough; you have to go to the bathroom. And that’s where all of this stuff is headed. And it is breathtaking to watch this.

And I look at all the people who have been corrupted, every guest, other than the assigned Trump supporters on every cable channel, every expert guest, I don’t care who, have also bought hook, line, and sinker into the story. Some people say they’re doing it because it’s good ratings. Some people think they’re doing it because it’s a way to differentiate themselves. It may have been that at some point, but now it’s gone beyond business. It’s gone beyond pursuing ratings or any of that.

There is literal self-worth tied up into this, as far as the people that are engaging in it. And they’re in a competition. All the analysts are competing with all the other analysts to come up with the unique take on every story that will focus everybody’s attention on that particular analyst. Everybody’s trying to be the smartest guy in the room, the most perceptive guy in the room.


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