RUSH: Trump Presser Was EFFECTIVE Because His Supporters NEEDED IT

RUSH: You know, one of the things I said about Trump’s press conference yesterday that Trump obviously didn’t tweet, but some here in the Drive-By stumbled across my quote. I said, “I think it was one of the most effective press conferences ever.”

And to my surprise, there were a couple of news outlets that understood exactly what I meant. When I said it was one of the most effective, what I meant was effective in rallying his voters, effective in rallying his supporters, ’cause they needed it. The Trump supporters, Trump voters have been watching this past month go about with these incessant, endless allegations of incompetence and Trump had been tweeting and reacting to it. But they needed this, and that’s why I referred to it as effective because it clearly, clearly was, and they were discombobulated by it, flabbergasted by it.

And I don’t think that the media is ever going to be on the same stage with Donald Trump. I don’t think the majority of them are ever gonna be even in the same universe. They live in two separate worlds, and they don’t understand Trump’s, and they have contempt for it. They have contempt for people that voted for Trump. They have no desire to understand who they are. They already think they know. They have no desire to drill down and find out why people would reject the woman they loved, Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t compute.

They just decide that these people are not worth of any kind of curiosity or respect, and they continue to hold them in contempt and disgust.





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