RUSH: Trump Lost Money, Hillary Lost People’s Lives!

RUSH: Okay, so Trump’s business lost some money. We can see Trump’s business lost some money. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state lost four people in Benghazi, including our ambassador. Hillary Clinton loses people. Trump lost some money.

His own, by the way, not yours.

Hillary Clinton also lost some 30,000 incriminating emails. Imagine if there was a carryover, a carryover write-off for debt ambassadors and colleagues, for broken laws and destroyed evidence. The Clinton family wouldn’t pay taxes for the next five generations, if you could carry that stuff over. But the real grating thing to me here is that losing lives — Benghazi — losing and destroying evidence — the email scandal and who knows what other corruption exists with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation — these end up being resume enhancers for Democrats.

Whatever it takes to beat us. That is the unifying principle that keeps the left together: Beating us. We do not have such a unifying principle as evidenced by the split support for Trump. We, on our side, simply cannot and do not unify to beat Democrats, to beat liberals. They, on the left, unify. They’ll forget any grudge they’ve got amongst themselves. They will unify to defeat us. We are the number one enemy they face day in and day out anywhere in the world, and they treat us accordingly. We do not. We’re too busy trying to show them that we’re not what they think of us. Such a pointless exercise.

The media, Barack Obama say Hillary’s the most prepared person ever to be president.

Of what? A mafia family?

What is she qualified to be president of?


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