RUSH: Trump Cabinet Picks “An Opportunity To Herald The GREATNESS Of AMERICA!”

RUSH: This Trump cabinet, these confirmation hearings, my friends, it’s an opportunity to herald the greatness of America. It’s an opportunity to herald what’s possible in the United States of America. It is an opportunity to admire aspiration again. It’s an opportunity to promote the aspirational. I am worn out and sick and tired of being told that we are a nation in decline, that we’ve got to learn to do with less.

The left, primarily in the environmental movement, have done more to retard progress and to make life harder in this country than you would ever believe. And you find the evidence all over your house, from your dishwasher to your shower to the things you use to wash your clothes. The left has just screwed up so much, and they have this idea that anybody who’s successful is not to be trusted, that somehow they’ve gamed the system or that they’ve had an unfair break, an unfair shot. That they have had an advantage that other people don’t have.

And instead we need to get failures. We need to get thinkers. We need to get intellectuals. We need to get people that have not become successful so they can relate to most Americans, and so we’ve stopped being aspirational. And it’s time to bring aspiration back.

And if you don’t know what I mean by that, the root word is aspire, aspire to be better than you are, aspire to be great, aspire to live your dreams, aspire to experience them, aspire to live your dreams without being mocked and made fun of. And there’s an opportunity here in this series of confirmation hearings for this to happen.


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