RUSH: Trump Berating Sessions Is Hiding The Real Intention Of A Full-Fledged Investigation Of Hillary Clinton

RUSH: Okay. Here’s another Trump-Sessions theory. Listen carefully. I don’t want to have to repeat this. It’s out there. Trump and Sessions and everybody in the administration from the get-go wanted to bring down Hillary Clinton. They want to do that investigation. They wanted to do all of these investigations into Hillary and her emails and the Russian connection to the Democrats. Trump and his administration are fed up with the way this whole thing was handled during the campaign, during the transition. But they can’t dare — they cannot dare — ever express this desire. They have to keep this one close to the vest.

So they have to do everything to distract the media’s attention from what the real intention here is, which is a full-fledged investigation of Hillary Clinton. So the investigation into Hillary Clinton is being planned. It’s being structured. The relevant participants have been ginning up and getting ready. The latest phase — so goes the theory — is for Trump to openly criticize the attorney general for all the things he’s not doing! Which is meant to trick people into thinking the attorney general’s not doing anything, that there isn’t any investigation of Hillary, that there isn’t any investigation of the Democrats and their server and the Russians, that there isn’t anything going on.

The public flaying of Jeff Sessions is strategic, designed to hide from the media and the Democrats what’s really going on. Meaning: Trump berating Sessions every day and everybody noticing and everybody saying, “Well, just fire him,” or taking up arms for Sessions, defending Sessions. The image is clear that Sessions isn’t doing anything Trump wants. When in fact, behind the scenes, everybody’s on board to finally taking it to the Democrats and doing an investigation, but they know they can’t do that if everybody’s aware they’re doing it.

So this treatment of Sessions is designed to make it look like he’s an incompetent idiot who is actually in opposition to Trump when the truth is they’ve all collectively decided this months ago. I heard this theory espoused last night. I know what you’re saying, “Rush, aren’t you worried? Aren’t you worried that by publicizing this you’re blowing it?” Nah. I mean, even if it is happening, the media’s not gonna believe it, ’cause they haven’t heard a leak about it, and if nobody’s leaking about it, it’s not happening. What do you think of that theory? (interruption)

You don’t buy that theory? (interruption) Does it intrigue you? Would you like the theory to be true? Would you like these people to be that strategic in their thinking and that committed?



RUSH: Trump’s Public Disrespect Of Sessions Is All A ‘DIVERSION’

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