RUSH: Trump Accepting Palin Endorsement ‘PUZZLED ME’

RUSH: Trump accepting an endorsement somewhat puzzled me.  I just have to be honest.  I look at Trump as a genuine outsider, as somebody who doesn’t do anything by the book in politics.  And yesterday he did two things by the book that, frankly, surprised me.  One is accepting an endorsement.  I did not see Sarah’s speech, but I saw sound bites of it.  And I saw Trump standing aside while she was at the podium, and he’s not the kind of guy that stands aside.  He just isn’t.  He’s that dominant.  He is that huge to give up the podium even to somebody endorsing him, sponsoring him.  I’m not criticizing it.  Don’t anybody misunderstand.  I’m just telling you what I think here.  Do with it what you want.

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