RUSH: Tom Brady Skips White House Visit Because Gisele Told NOT To Be In Photo Smiling With That ‘PIG’ Trump

RUSH: New England Patriots at the White House yesterday. I had to ask the staff… I saw something here. It’s right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, in the U.K. Daily Mail. Now, Snerdley came running in today waving this around. “You’re right! I can’t believe it! You’re right, and you’re always right.” He disagreed with me when I said this yesterday. “You’re always right.” He even wrote it: “Rush right again.”

So I asked the staff, “Did I say what I told you…? Did I say that on the air yesterday?” And they said, “No, you didn’t.” Okay. So here’s what happened. As you know, the New England Patriots show up at the White House yesterday to be honored and celebrated by President Trump at the White House. And a late scratch: star quarterback, Tom Brady. “Family issues” cropped up. Brady was not on the original list of six who were not gonna attend. He was, as I say, a late scratch. People then began speculating: What really is going on?

So Snerdley — and I told everybody. You know, I must have done this during commercial break. I told them what’s going on here, and that’s what Snerdley came in waving. And they didn’t believe me. “Come on! That can’t be!” I said, “We may never know, but I’m telling you, don’t doubt me.” You know, even the people closest to me — who have learned now never to doubt me — still do. It’s amazing I have a strong spine, constitution, sense of self. Otherwise, I’d have been whittled away here to nothing more than a skull full of mush myself. Anyway, what I said to them was…

What’s he say here, “family issues”? “Okay, possibly his mother is sick. It was his mother and dad’s anniversary yesterday.” However, what I told them happens to be verified. Read you the headline. “Did Gisele Stop Tom Brady Going to the White House? — Supermodel posted an anti-Trump tweet on the day the president hosted her husband’s teammates. Gisele Bundchen posted — and then deleted — a tweet promoting anti-Trump rally. Brazilian supermodel promoted a climate change march in Washington, D.C. Tweet posted the same day her husband, Tom Brady, skipped White House visit…”

I asked Snerdley, “Have you ever wondered…? You probably haven’t ’cause it’s no big deal. Have you ever wondered but Leonardo DiCaprio is such a lost, totally gone climate change fantastic?” Snerdley said, “(snorts) Well, it’s Hollywood.” No. He once dated Gisele Bundchen.” “Ohhhhh!” I said, “Yes.” So I told ’em all yesterday. The truth is probably that Gisele — and I’m on real thin ice here, too, folks. I can’t believe how close to the quicksand I’m walking today. But I just… I told them here yesterday to have no doubt here that the message went out: We don’t want pictures of you smiling with that pig. For your future, for our future, we just… We don’t want that.

I wasn’t even gonna mention it ’til Snerdley comes running in here waving around the U.K. Daily Mail. “I can’t believe you’re right! You’re right. You’re right again.” And I’m not right about just that.


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