RUSH: To Ensure Equality All Teenagers Will Be Required To Get High

RUSH: So my idea, proposed here in advance of the president’s State of the Coup address… It’s tomorrow night, right?  Okay.  Here we go: To ensure equal beginnings for young people just out of high school and just out of college — ’cause that’s what we’re talking about, right? 

We must eliminate inequality.  We must make sure that the starting point is the same for everybody, correct?  Nobody’s gonna have an advantage over anybody.  Nobody is gonna have a leg up — and when we get to the outcome end of things, we’re gonna trying to make that as fair and equal as possible, right?  Why else would you want to attack inequality?  Where’s the inequality rear its head?  The outcome of things.  “How do people end up?”  That’s what we’re worried about.

So my idea to ensure equal beginnings for 20-somethings in the job market, is all teenagers will be required to get high on the drug of their choice.  They will be required to play video games.  They will be required to remain jobless during summer breaks.  They will not be allowed to do internships at a company — which are really nothing more than indoctrination camps, as are high school and college — if we’re gonna equalize things using the Democrat method.

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