RUSH: This Is About As Backwards As You Can Get

RUSH: There’s a great article, the UK Daily Mail, that has some really chilling pictures about the situation in Liberia at these medical centers.  And, folks, this is about as backwards as you can get. 

Look, I can totally understand wanting to bring American missionaries back home and treat them for this disease rather than leave them in one of these African countries or even trying to treat them there. You could have a riot if you start treating an American, you have a limited amount of serum, for example, this mystical, magical serum. If you go over there and you just start treating the Americans and you don’t try to help everybody else, you could have PR problem, riots, who knows whatever else. So you do get them out.  I understand that. 

But the mocking of people who are concerned about this, that’s a little bit over the top. And I think it’s understandable, the people doing the mocking are people either in the administration or in the media defending the administration, and they of course don’t want the thought out there that the Regime could be so incompetent as to let this happen.  But the problem is we see everything else this Regime is doing that’s incompetent.  And that’s giving the benefit of the doubt, claiming all this is incompetent.

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RUSH: ‘Magical Serum’ For Ebola Mocked By Media

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