Rush: “They Did That?” Needs To Be The Reaction To All This Stuff Obama’s Done.

Rush: Damn right. Birthdays and weddings. And next is gonna be, “When you die, instead of giving money to your family give it to Obama in your will.” That will be next.

“They’re gonna do that?”

They probably will, if they’re asking newlyweds to give up everything for Obama.

“They really did that?”

Yeah, they did that!

That needs to be the reaction to all this stuff Obama’s done, “They did that?” Because most people don’t know this stuff. But then, folks, one other thing. I was thinking about this wedding event thing. You and I think this is absolutely over-the-top narcissistic, selfish, and ridiculous. We could not even conceive of coming up with this idea ourselves. Somebody did! Somebody thinks this is a brilliant idea. Somebody thinks this is a helpful idea to Obama. And somebody, probably Obama or Michelle, approved it. It doesn’t just happen in a vacuum over there. There are people who think this is smart, good, wise, compelling, whatever adjective you want to use.

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