RUSH: There’s No Question People Are Planning To Riot

RUSH: I read the e-mail in every break here.  And I don’t often print them out and read them to you.  I summarize them.  I got a couple of e-mails from people who are a little appalled. They said they were appalled that I would speak so openly and acceptingly of riots.  They said it’s very irresponsible of you to talk that way.  So I’m reading the e-mail, and what is irresponsible about it?  Do any of you out there not understand that there are people invested?  I mean, you’ve got people in Miami who are bragging that, if there are riots, Miami will be Ground Zero for them.  What is insensitive about it?  There’s no question that there are people planning to do that.  They are hoping that this is something that they have the opportunity to do.  And the media would love covering them.

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RUSH: Anybody Worried ‘White Hispanics’ Will Riot If GZ Found Guilty?

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