RUSH: There’s No More Gun Safety Oriented Group Than The NRA

RUSH: The NRA doesn’t advocate for events like this. In fact, the NRA probably works harder than anybody to prevent events like this. “What do you mean? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You can’t say that.” I just did say it, and it’s true.

There’s no more gun safety oriented group than the NRA. But the NRA is not in charge of how people behave. But I don’t know what else you want. Every law on the books was already violated by this guy, including murder, meaning no law stopped it. You could confiscate every gun — well, you actually couldn’t do that, but let’s say you could. Let’s say you did confiscate every gun that you know exists, you could pass a constitutional amendment, you could make it illegal, and you could get every gun. This guy would still find a way to get the guns he got and use them.

“What do you mean?” ‘Cause he broke the law, for crying out loud. Laws don’t stop these people. “You mean there’s nothing we can do to –” Not with laws, and not the NRA. You’re not gonna stop this by going at it the way you’re going at it. You’re not even getting close to finding out why this guy did this. You’re stopping at the NRA made it possible. The NRA enabled it. They did not. They had nothing to do with this.

There’s not a single gun owner in the country except the people that sold this guy guns that had anything to do with this. None of that matters, because the cliches attached to the emotionalism of bashing Republicans and bashing the NRA is all that’s necessary. Just like every other liberal solution to a problem, it doesn’t solve the problem, it doesn’t even address the problem. Liberal fixes for health care, where’d that get us? Liberals fix Social Security. Where’d that get us? Liberals fix deficit spending. Where’d that get us? Liberals attack the national debt. Everything they fix gets worse.


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