RUSH: There’s a huge push now to get Rubio and Kasich to drop out now, before Florida and before Ohio, and have everybody unify behind Cruz on the theory that the only way to win this… By the way, this is a fascinating theory and the question then becomes: Can it happen? Is it possible?

The theory is to get rid of the divided opposition, which Trump benefits from. Get everybody out except Cruz.  Rubio and Kasich aren’t gonna win anything.  It isn’t possible.  There’s no gold star for winning your state, not in this context. There’s too much is at stake.  Rubio and Kasich get out, everybody unify behind Cruz, and maybe even have Cruz select a potential running mate.  And then that unifies the anti-Trump vote on the Republican side, which many people think is greater than the Trump support on the Republican side, which tops out at 35, 40%.

The question then becomes “Is there enough time left?”  Because what… If you do that, if that’s what they ultimately decide to do — and I think the strategy makes sense.  There’s two theories.  Let’s stick with this one.  Kasich, Rubio resign from the campaign today, resign before next Tuesday, announce unification the party behind Cruz.  What then has to happen, folks, if this is gonna have any prayer… Because you can’t do this unless you think… If you’re the Cruz camp, you can’t do this unless you think you can show up at the convention with 1,237 delegates.


RUSH: If the Cruz camp… I don’t know. I’m speculating here. If the Cruz camp believes that neither Trump nor Cruz can get to 1,237, and therefore it’s a contested convention, in the Cruz camp there may be elements there that think they could win that contested convention on the theory that when you get to the second ballot, all bets are off.  That theory that may be popularly held within the Cruz campaign relies on this: That all of the delegates that are pledged to Trump and Cruz in the first ballot… Let me use Florida as an example.

Let’s say Trump wins Florida, winner-take-all, 99 delegates.  On the first ballot, all 99… The delegates are elected by the state. It’s a big honor. On the first ballot, they have to vote the way of the popular vote in the state.  So on the first ballot, Trump would get the 99 delegates from Florida.  But if there’s no winner — and in this scenario there isn’t because nobody’s got 1,237.  So if there’s no winner, the Cruz theory is that some of those 99 that had to vote for Trump on the first ballot are really not Trump supporters and would vote for Cruz, or could be persuaded to vote for Cruz on the second ballot, third ballot, what have you.

Now, speaking just for myself, I don’t think that theory has much of a chance.

I think if Cruz is to win the nomination, he’s got to do it in the primaries.  He’s got to go to Cleveland with 1,237, and I think they think they can do it.  I think they think there’s a pathway there. But it involves Kasich and Rubio getting out now and somehow the establishment unifying behind Cruz, happily, cheerfully, with no animosity, no disappointment. I mean, they’ve gotta be all-in that Cruz is the guy.

They think there’s a pathway to the nomination.

But those are the two theories that survive here in the world of how to defeat Trump.

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