RUSH: The Republican Brand Right Now Is Really Damaged

RUSH: Let’s face it, folks. The Republican brand and I’m not even big on that kind of lingo, but since it works in helping to communicate things, it’s worth talking about it in that sense. The Republican brand right now is really damaged. It’s damaged to a point that there’s specific things that are gonna have to happen for it to be fixed. The brand has been damaged over the years by what? Paid smear ads for one thing; indoctrination education; Hollywood; the pop culture; the Democrat Party with their allies in the media who cannot to this day even triumph in the arena of ideas. So they don’t even go there. They create the illusion they are in the arena of ideas, but they’re not. Their entire tactic is to discredit and impugn, smear their opposition. They’ve done it well because the Republicans have never known what to do about it.

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