RUSH: The Real Solution Is Reducing The Number Of Low-Information People

RUSH: Here’s Robert, Racine, Wisconsin.  Robert, thank you for waiting. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Yeah, you were talking earlier about the way the government is being run these days.  The Democrats are walking all over the Republicans, and a couple of years back the Republicans fought back in a way I think that they weren’t themselves really aware of by sending Tea Party Republicans into the offices. Now that the people have spoken, it seems like the Republicans are really fighting against the Tea Party people along with the Democrats, and then you have the media fighting against the Republicans and the Tea Party, and electing officials with all the corruption that goes on in the election cycles. What are we supposed to do to get things changed?

RUSH:  Well, there are any number of things.  Mark Levin suggests in Article 5 of the Constitution, some new amendments to simply restate what already exists.  Others think you just keep electing Tea Party, just keep electing freshmen, keep electing people outside the current sphere of politics to go and clean it up.  People like Cruz.  We need about 95 more of them in the Senate and a whole bunch more of them in the House.  These things sound impossible or hard to do.  That really is the solution to it.

CALLER:  So you think that just by trying to elect against… All the Democratic infighting that’s going against the, um…

RUSH:  Look, I’ll tell you what I think. (sigh) I’m not a professional Republican or conservative, political person. I’m not a consultant. I’m not an expert on how to win elections, meaning it’s not my business.  I’ll tell you what I believe, and it’s gonna sound sophomoric and it’s gonna sound impossible.  I really believe that the overall solution, the real solution to this is just a continued focus on informing people, reducing the number of low-information people, converting them into people that are educated, informed.

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