RUSH: “The Problem With ‘Profiling’ Is That It Works”

RUSH: The left has begun to talk about “profiling” here, not racism.  They’re accusing Zimmerman of “profiling” Trayvon — and that, of course, is a no-no. Nobody likes profiling because it’s judgmental, and in many cases prejudicial.  So profiling would be, “See? A young, 17-year-old black guy in a hood! That equals ‘criminal.'”  That’s profiling; you can’t do it. “Profiling” equals the charge of racism, but they’ve beat that to death, in a sense.

It still works, but it doesn’t carry the magic.  It’s not the automatic that it used to be.  So they’re searching, on the left, for a new way of making the same charge with the same impact that “racism” or “racist” used to have.  But it’s like anything. They’ve gone to the well with it so much and so often for so many years that people’s emotional reservoirs are empty.  It’s gotten to the point where whenever Al Sharpton opens his mouth and calls somebody a racist, people say, “Oh, yeah, yeah.

“Another one now?  Another one? You see another one?  Where?  Where?  Point out this one.” People no longer take it as seriously as they used to, and “profiling” is an attempt to have the impact that the charge of racism or racist once had.  Don’t misunderstand: Racism as a charge is not dead.  But it’s not the automatic lightning rod it used to be, so they’re using “profiling.” You notice, if you pay close attention, that you’re hearing “profiling” much more often, particularly in this case. 

The problem with profiling is that it works, and that’s why they want to stamp it out. It’s why they want to get rid of it.

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