RUSH: The END Of Obamacare Is BIGGER Than The Bill Itself

RUSH: The end of Obamacare, folks, is bigger than the bill itself. It represents a rejection bigger than the voter rejection of Hillary Clinton. If Obamacare is repealed, if Obama’s name is taken off whatever is substituted for it… If it becomes Trumpcare, Ryancare, I don’t care what it becomes.

If it happens because Obama has been taken out of it and enough of his signature legislation has been repealed and replaced with something else, that is gonna cause a new wave of hysteria and panic. And I think what’s happening out there in many sectors is the left is coming to grips with the prospect… This isn’t guaranteed by any stretch, but they are coming to grips with the prospect — of reality crashing into the Obama presidency. They are horrified at the thought, literally horrified at the thought that the Obama legacy could unravel and be untangled.

If you listen to the left’s predictions of what sounds like a Republican-triggered genocide, you’d think we’re all fetuses in a Planned Parenthood waiting room! This is the way they’re trying to characterize all of this.


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