RUSH: Terrorists Can Be ‘Profiled’

RUSH: This massive sweep, just yesterday we learned of the Verizon sweep and all this metadata — and, believe me, there’s more to metadata than what these people are telling you. “Well, it’s just the phone numbers of the calls and length of the calls.” I need to tell you, no, it’s not like a wiretap in terms of content, but why do they want it if it’s so insignificant?

“It’s just metadata, Mr. Limbaugh. You don’t really need to be concerned.”

Well, then why do they want it?

“Well, Mr. Limbaugh, because they’ll be able to detect trends in frequent conversation perhaps with foreigners outside the country. They’ll apply the algorithm.”

Oh, okay, so we gotta trust the algorithms. Cool. Fine. Count me in. Why don’t we just profile? Why do we have to sweep every phone call up in this operation? I mean, people calling Domino’s? Why, do you realize the people that commit terrorist acts in this country, by and large, can be profiled, just like liberals can be profiled and conservatives can be profiled? Tell somebody you’re conservative and they pretty much, if they’re educated, know what you believe in.

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