RUSH: Terrorist Ayers Has Now Confessed To Writing Obama’s Book

RUSH: Investor’s Business Daily, now, is a credible source. They have has “written an editorial asking that we take another look at the well-documented theory that Bill Ayers cowrote Obama’s big biography, Dreams from My Father. Obama is on tape many times asserting that he wrote it without any help whatsoever. But Ayers on three separate occasions has claimed that he wrote it. One time was at an airport outside check-in with the skycaps, and he was taunting some right-winger who had followed him around, and nobody believed him.

But the theory had been put forth by a number of analysts that — and was about, by the way, well known that Obama was not a good writer, that he was late turning in manuscripts and chapters and everything for his books, and the word started spreading that it was Bill Ayers who actually wrote Dreams From My Father, and people started comparing other Ayers books to that one, and they found almost identical writing styles.

So today is out claiming that Ayers has now confessed to writing Obama’s book. Now, if this is true, folks, can you imagine what a betrayal this is? Why would Ayers do this now? Why would Ayers come out and admit it, unless he’s just toying with the right wing in making it up. But now people don’t believe that. Here’s how the editorial from IBD goes.

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