RUSH: Ted Cruz Is Fighting For Freedom In The Greatest Tradition Of American Freedom Fighters

RUSH: Did you look at how many Republicans didn’t show up to vote for Mitt Romney in 2008?  Do you realize that if the Republican Party base had turned out, Obama would have been defeated?  Why didn’t it happen?  When does fighting for freedom backfire?  Explain that to me.  Because that’s what this is. I guess some of these establishment types in Washington, regardless of party, I don’t think they really understand.  I think there is such a divide in this country, it is so wide, that some people in politics, it’s their business to understand these things.  They don’t even know what really is going on.  I just heard Michael Barone say, “Well, this is nothing but theater.  All Ted Cruz has done is engage in something that’s impossible.”

It’s not theater.  This is real.  This is about freedom.  I know to a lot of people that sounds corny.  “Freedom, come on, Rush, our freedom isn’t threatened.”  Oh, but it is.  In ever so small, incremental losses, it is.  It’s what Obamacare is all about.  It’s precisely what Obamacare is all about, the loss of individual freedom, the loss of free markets.  Ted Cruz is fighting for freedom in the greatest tradition of American freedom fighters.  And how did so many Republicans manage to miss that fundamental American lesson?  Mark Steyn on this program made a good point, I’m going to paraphrase it.  But he essentially said that our system doesn’t need the smartest, the best elected representatives because the people can take care of it with popular uprisings. The people!

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