RUSH: Talk About Income Inequality? Obama Has Family Members Living On Less Than A Dollar A Day

RUSH: Do you know what real inequality is? You got Barack Obama, who is a multimillionaire because of books and whatever else he’s been able to do, sitting in the White House. He’s in the lap of luxury, his own Boeing 747, and in Kenya his brother is living in a hut. You want to talk about income inequality? Barack Obama has family members living on less than a dollar a day, one of them in a six-by-nine-foot hut. Dinesh D’Souza went over, tracked the guy down, confirmed it.

That’s income inequality, wealth inequality. The highest levels of income inequality were not found in the last decade in the United States. They were found in countries such as the Central African Republic, Honduras, Angola, Haiti, South Africa, and Namibia. And there’s a web link source for this. The United States is never gonna be at the top of any list of income inequality.

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